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Website design 

Clean, well functioning, search engine friendly website design that talks directly to your target customer.

Website design tailored for your budget and where you are on your business journey.

Website design services

In a world where people’s customer expectations are higher than ever, it’s important to make the best possible impression as quickly as possible. Online, this means having a beautiful, well-functioning, user-friendly website that talks directly to your target customers. 

Think a clean website design to give you a professional look and feel.

As a web design company in Berkshire, Fuze Design specialises in professional web design for any business, any size, and to any budget.

Search engine optimisation
I build search engine friendly websites as a matter of course.  I can perform keyword analysis to enable you to better understand the types and frequencies of searches on Google.

Website analytics
I include Google Analytics with each website designed. It’s free and it tells you how many visitors you have, which pages they visited, how they found your website with which words and phases and more. 

Website hosting
Every website needs to be ‘hosted’ somewhere so that when a user visits your domain name your website will appear.

Maintenance, support & updates
I offer ongoing website maintenance and support.  I can help with any future website amends you need.  Websites should be maintained and kept up-to-date, which is also great for search engine optimisation.

Website design tailored for your budget and where you are on your business journey.

Website design 

  • 1 years free web and email hosting
  • Bespoke website design
  • A full content management system (CMS) using WordPress so you can edit the website yourself, add pages, add text, etc.
  • A seo-friendly website design and website structure to get you listed in Google
  • Optimisation based on keywords and keyphases for your business
  • Free Google website visitor analytics
  • We’ll launch the website with your text and images in place, then you take it from there, with our continued support if you wish. 

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My happy customers…

Thank you for all your work on our websites.

The sites look fantastic, we’re really pleased.

Simon Weaver

Weavaway Travel Group

Thank you so much for the professionalism and hard work you have put into developing our new logo, not to mention the patience you have displayed while we have moved through the process.

Steve Whitlock

Piper Whitlock Architecture

I shared my website with a few more contacts yesterday and all were very impressed!

The website seems to be working well! Done a few searches and pleased with results.  There has also been several more new enquiries from new clients so I am very pleased.

Steve Flooks

Eurex UK

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Fuze Design is a logo and web design company based in Berkshire since 2006, offering a complete and bespoke logo and web design service for your business.